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RuMe Totes: For Errand Day Chic

Even before all the supermarkets started implementing their “no plastic bags” policy, I already had a a small collection of those so-called “eco totes” or `”reusable totes.”  I always have one folded in my handbag even on non-errand days because you never know when you’ll need one, and they weigh next to nothing anyway!


Several weeks ago, RuMe Philippines sent me a package containing their medium tote and baggie so I could try them out.  They came in the cutest prints and I was excited to roadtest them right away.


First stop, our friendly neighborhood grocer.  I ended up buying more fruit than usual, just because my new RuMe tote made the fruit look so darned good!  This tote is a medium-sized one, but it was really large and roomy.  (Perfect for hiding shopping bags containing secret splurges… galing lang ako sa supermarket, hon!)


As for my RuMe baggie, I’ve been using it instead of my usual leather makeup kit in order to lighten up.  Since getting pregnant, and especially now that my tummy is so big and heavy, I can only tolerate the lightest of loads which means sticking to lightweight non-leather bags and accessories for everyday use.  Post-childbirth, my baggie will be the perfect pouch for storing all my bills and receipts.

rume target

Photo Credit: Target

RuMe products are also perfect for school use…


Photo Credit: RuMeBags.com

And for travel, especially beach trips!  No wonder even celebs love Rume!  From Jessica Alba



To Nicole Richie and Joel Madden


Behati Prinsloo and Adam Levine


And Rachel Bilson.


Here’s a little bit on info about RuMe that I got from their International website:

Denver based RuMe, short for ReUseMe, was launched on Earth Day 2008 by husband and wife team, Jae and Katy Lee, to meet the growing needs of environmentally conscious consumers who didn’t want to sacrifice style and functionality for sustainability. RuMe’sreusable bags and products have evolved into a lifestyle brand that focuses on using less by reusing more.  

What you can expect from every RuMe product:

  • Innovative layout and structure
  • Mass expandability complemented by longer handels
  • Impeccable stitching
  • Suitable for bakers, yogis, moms on the go, beach bums, sports enthusiasts, and students
  • Durable material that holds up to 50 lbs
  • Water drip/spillage free
  • Easily machine-washable
  • Certified Fair Trade

In the Philippines, RuMe is now available at the following online and retail outlets:

Store Locations

For further information, please visit their Facebook Page or follow them on Instagram @RuMePH