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Circles: Tian & Mir’s 10th Anniversary

Tian and Mir, the longest-married couple in our group of friends, celebrated their 10th anniversary by taking us all out to dinner at Circles.  What I like most about Circles is that they generously supply me with pretty jars of strawberry jam which I like to eat with my cheese.  And you can ask for certain things not found in the buffet, such as sea bass, and they will cook it for you the way you like, at no extra charge.  Also, selected drinks are already included in the buffet, such as the salty lemon and orange middle-eastern juices they served when we were there.

Spend time with these two and you’ll see that ten years and two kids have only made them more in love with each other.  Happy anniversary Tian and Mir!

Circles Buffet at Makati Shangri-la

Every year on my birthday, all my favorite restaurants are closed, and we always find ourselves having dinner at a hotel buffet.  Usually it’s Heat at Edsa Shangri-la, but this year, John had enough energy to drive to Makati Shangri-la so we could eat at Circles.

Unlike our past experiences with Heat, selected drinks are included in the Circles buffet. January 1st, they had lemon iced tea, lychee ice tea, and sangria.

The buffet has a really good cheese selection.  I love brie, and enjoy it with either strawberry jam or honey.  I also have some foccacia dipped in olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Smoked salmon with a side of greens, and shawarma served in a pita pocket.

Two slices of turkey with gravy, stuffing, and cranberry sauce.

Ribeye steak was so-so.

The bread pudding was yummy!  I’m all about sweet-salty contrasts, so I usually have pudding with my steak.

Dessert was chocolate gelato with sliced almonds, chocolate pudding, and a sticky rice cake (bico).

A pot of chamomile tea for me.

CIRCLES EVENT CAFE, G/F Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Ayala Center, Makati, TELEPHONE 840.0884 (direct) or 813.8888 (hotel trunkline)