Bag Raid!

I’ve been doing a few bag raids on my Instagram, and it’s so much fun that I’ve decided to start posting them on the blog as well.  The contents of someone’s bag reveal so much about a person’s life, don’t you think?

But before shamelessly asking other people for a look into their bags, it’s only fair that I first share what’s in mine:


Wallet.  I prefer wallets that zip all the way closed.  Love the color too — somewhere in between orange and tan.

Powerocks powerbank.  Extra battery for my phone when I’m out and about.  My friend Van gave this to me.

Reusable tote.  I have lots, and always pop one into my bag before leaving the house.  This particular one is from Spoiled, my cousin Funfy’s mom-and-baby store, and Funfy had it personalized with my name.

RuMe baggie.  This ultra-lightweight baggie is great for stashing random things such as bills, receipts, GC’s, post-its, whatever I need to carry around for the day.

Mustela baby wipes.  I always keep baby wipes on hand for myself and my kids.  Mustela makes the best ones because like most Mustela products, they make you smell like a newborn baby.  Gentle enough to wipe off makeup too.

Cosmetic kit.  In it, I keep my Mac blot powder, some lip color, Carmex, Peppermint Fields inhaler, and spray alcohol.

Bullet journal.  I just started this a few weeks ago, and I love it!  Bullet journaling has really helped me get organized.  Check out the bullet journal website or my friend Kris’s super helpful blog post if you’re interested in starting your own.

Coin purse.  This has sentimental value because it was my grandfather’s.

Keys.  For home and the office.

Phone.  Not in photo because I used it to take the photo.

Stay tuned for more bag raids, coming soon!

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2 responses to “Bag Raid!

  1. I love this kind of posts. I used to have naman a segment in my old blog called What’s In My Bag. I’m excited for the upcoming Bag Raid posts! :)

  2. Hi! Where do you buy Peppermint Field products? Thanks! :)

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