Nanbantei, for the nth time

It’s been about two years, and Nanbantei is still our place.  (Before that it was Yedang.)

Our typical Friday night dinner. 

Complimentary veggie sticks with red sauce.  The sauce is supposed to be just for the vegetables, but we have it with everything but seafood, and just a teeny bit makes everything delicious.  On average, we usually order 22 sticks plus grilled rice for the two of us.

Yakiniku is my favorite.

Nanbanyaki is John’s.

And we’re both addicted to the Grilled Tofu and Yaki Onigri, which is grilled rice wrapped in seaweed.

We also order other things just to round out our meal, such as:

Grilled Squid in a special sauce.

Grilled Beef with Leeks.

(I would also recommend the Chicken Wings and Shiso Pork Maki, but John prefers that we avoid those all we just end up eating lots of chicken skin and fatty bits.  If health were not an issue, we would have those all the time as well.)

NANBANTEI OF TOKYO, 3/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center Makati

NANBANTEI OF TOKYO, 2/L Bonifacio High Street Central, Fort Bonifacio Taguig


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