Casa Marcos

There’s been quite a bit of a buzz about the return of Casa Marcos. Supposedly one of the oldest restaurants in the country, they first opened in 1945 and closed in 2000. John’s parents said that they used to eat at the Roxas Boulevard restaurant, twenty to thirty years ago. I myself don’t remember ever having eaten there, but if it was as popular as they say, then it’s possible I was there with my family at one time or another.

Today Casa Marcos is reborn as a restobar, and when we dropped by the Burgos Circle branch for dinner one night, there were indeed a lot of young professionals enjoying Happy Hour there.  And I agree that it’s an excellent pica-pica place!  Their appetizers such as the Chorizo Combo, Calamares, and Tenderloin Tips were all really yummy especially when dipped in the Casa Marcos special dipping sauce.

Complimentary basket of mini pan de sal – dense and fresh, really good.

Calamares with a kick of spice, Casa Marcos-style.

Chorizo Combo – panfried chorizo Bilbao and Chistora.  I love having chorizo with bread.  It’s one of my favortie appetizers.

Tenderloin tips, browned in oil and cooked with garlic.

Everything goes well with the special dipping sauce.

The reason I think of the new Casa Marcos as more of a pica-pica place rather than a dinner place, is we didn’t really have a lot of choices for the main course.  We decided to try the highly recommended Spanish Chicken, which I thought would be similar to Iberian Chicken.  It turned out to be a pale chicken cooked in broth, a bit bland for our tastes.

 Paella Valenciana was decent, and served with lots of sauce, but for paella I prefer a lot of chorizo and roasted bell peppers, and I need my rice to be both moist on top and a bit burnt underneath.  The tutong is my favorite part of paella and there was hardly any here.

 We also had to wait forever for our chicken and paella to arrive.  They said these would be out 10 minutes after our appetizers were served, but it was almost an hour. 

What I was really impressed with was this.  It’s some kind of vinegar and garlic mixture, but they won’t say exactly what else they put in it or how they make it.

They should bottle this sauce and sell it, so that customers can take it home.  It is delicious!  This would go well with most Spanish and Filipino dishes, or almost anything grilled or roasted for that matter.

CASA MARCOS, G/F Forbeswood Heights, Burgos Circle, Fort Bonifacio Global City, TELEPHONE 703.7784

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