HK Eats: The Enchanted Garden Breakfast Buffet at the Hong Kong Disnleyland Hotel

Day 2 at Hong Kong Disneyland, we decided to cross over to the Disneyland Hotel to have breakfast at Enchanted Garden.  They had some fancier breakfast items there, such as smoked salmon and a small selection of cheese.

They also serve really delicious traditional breakfast staples such as sausages, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and waffles (much better than Chef Mickey’s).

I also tried a a few bites of some other dishes.,

The dimsum selection wasn’t quite so large or so good, but it was okay.

A bowl of milky oatmeal topped with nuts and dried fruit to end my meal.  Yum!

Jacob made his own food choices at the buffet, and he asked for assorted cereals, scrambled eggs, hash browns, and catsup.  He prefers dry cereal to crunch on.  And he loves eating catsup on its own.

The restaurant’s main draw is that Mickey Mouse and friends go table to table so guests can have their pictures taken with them.  The first to arrive at ours was Goofy, who Jacob initially allowed near him.  he warily shook Goofy’s hand and touched Goofy’s face.  But when Goofy gave him a hug and gave Jacob and I a kiss, he started shouting and crying.  He kept saying over and over, “I don’t like Goofy!  I don’t want Goofy to kiss mama!”  Much later, after calming down a bit, it was Mickey Mouse‘s turn to grace our table, and Jacob grudgingly allowed Mickey to hug him.  He’s frowning in the photo but he said, “Mickey Mouse is good.”

Have to warn you though.  We didn’t make reservations for breakfast, and when the restaurant staff found out we were staying at the less expensive hotel, they said they had only outside tables available for us.  So if you want to eat here, reservations are a good idea, and if your kids happen to love Disney characters, mascots, princesses and all that, then you should definitely consider staying at Disneyland Hotel as this seems to be their second home.

About the food, all I can say is, it was delicious!

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2 responses to “HK Eats: The Enchanted Garden Breakfast Buffet at the Hong Kong Disnleyland Hotel

  1. Amazing! I wrote to Disney when I first heard about HK Disney opening – and recommended Dim Sum with Mickey… I’d like to think I inspired them but I’m sure this was something they had already thought of ;) It looks soooo yummy.

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