Seven Corners Dinner Buffet

At Seven Corners again, this time with my family.  They’re currently offering Spanish specialties such as tapas, croquetas, paella, and churros, all of which make a nice addition to the buffet.

We got there ahead of my parents and I was already starving, so I had a few discreet plates of food while waiting, and asked the waiters to whisk them away before my parents arrived!


Bacon bits, hardboiled eggs, olives, lollo rosso, and corn kernels


Then on to my usual picks, beginning with salmon.  Only this time with John telling me, “I read somewhere that salmon served in most restaurants are grown in pens, and fed with antibiotics and pellets filled with pink dye.  If you want to eat salmon, better make sure it’s wild Alaskan salmon.”

Smoked Salmon with Capers and Dill Sauce

Caesar Salad

Two slices of Ribeye Steak from the carving station with sea salt & rosemary olive oil, and a side of Spanish potatoes with chorizo.  We all enjoyed our steaks!

Tocino de Cielothis was so good!  Best leche flan ever!

Chocolate ice cream with crushed pistachios, and pistachio ice cream with sliced almonds

Pot of tea – piping hot black tea is my favorite way to end a buffet

SEVEN CORNERS, 3/F Crowne Plaza Galleria, TELEPHONE 633.7222

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