Trick or Treating

After the bubble show came the main event, trick or treating!  Kids lined up at the “village entrance” and walked “house to house” to get their treats.

Here’s Jacob carrying all his loot!  I think Halloween has become his new favorite holiday.  He wants to take his pumpkin basket with him all the time, so he can ask for treats everywhere we go.  He thinks we can because we tried this at the bank and at the supermarket, and it worked!  Also, he told me that next year he wants a “Dars Vader” costume.  (This is after seeing the Darth Vader figure outside Toy Kingdom in Megamall.)

Our in-house decorator May, and her daughter Sabrina!  May wore a cap of exposed brain matter, wrapped with bloody gauze, while Sabrina was an elephant.

Lexi came as Winnie the Pooh, and Sabrina was so jealous because Pooh is her favorite character:

Bugsy who wore a pumpkin costume, with his dad Nolan.  Thislittle man was so popular with the girls.

My sister Audrey mans Funfy’s table, and hands out treats to Amanda:

Ama Nancy hangs out with the kids:

Bixia and Quintin get their treats from Achi Patty:

Obviously I don’t have shots of all the kids, as I was busy manning my own table too.  I think all the kids had a good time, and parents too!  Even May who I thought would be exhausted from all the crafting, has already started planning for our Easter party, still half a year away.

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